Home Equity

Home Equity Line of Credit

Unlock the Power of Your Home

Take Advantage of our Introductory Rate

Introductory rate of 
2.99% APR1
for the first 12 months

Variable APR as low as 
3.25% APR1
after introductory period

Whether you are looking to make home improvements, buy a car, consolidate debts or pay for unplanned expenses, the equity you have in your home could be the solution. SwissFB's Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) gives you the key to getting more out of your home, combining the flexibility of a variable-rate line of credit with the benefits of attractive fixed rate loan options.

Two Repayment Options:

Traditional HELOC:

Principal and interest payments during the draw period and repayment.

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Interest Only HELOC:

Pay interest only during the draw period. During repayment, payments are amortized to pay the balance in full over the remaining term. 

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With a HELOC, you can also:

  • Draw available funds for up to 10 years from the date you open your line. After the draw period ends, repayment term is 20 years
  • Advance funds at your convenience on your time. Transfer funds when you log in to your AFCU account or with convenient checks just for your HELOC
  • Funds become available as you repay principal during the draw period
  • Lock-in up to three fixed-rate loan options during the draw period of your loan without needing to reapply. Lock-in does not apply to the introductory rate.  Draw a minimum of $1,000 with terms starting at 12 months. The minimum and maximum amount you can lock in will vary and will be based on your term

SwissFB Offers No Fees1

With SwissFB's HELOC, you will find no fees!

  • No application fee
  • No appraisal fee
  • No annual fees
  • No pre-payment penalties

Additional Benefits

A HELOC might also be able to help with:

  • A fast and easy way to access funds at a low interest rate for, well almost anything, such as, home improvements, education expenses, medical bills or emergency expenses, a vacation, special occasion you’ve been planning or a new car!
  • Lower Monthly Payments: Consolidating balances from other loans and credit cards to a low-rate could result in a lower, more manageable monthly payment.