Business Overdraft Line of Credit

NEW: The Business Overdraft Advantage

SwissFB now offers a business overdraft line of credit – The Business Overdraft Advantage!

The Business Overdraft Advantage

Protect your Business Checking account from overdrafts and supplement your company's cash flow with a private line of credit from SwissFB.

Features include:

  • Variable interest rate
  • Payments via automatic deduction from SwissFB account.
  • Minimum line amount $1,000.


  • No application fee.
  • Origination/Documentation fee (collected at closing): $50.
  • Annual renewal fee: $50 (automatically billed and deducted from checking account; incurred 365 days after open/renewal date).
  • Late payment fee: $5 or 5% of monthly payment if not received within 10 days from the due date.
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